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Welcome to the TORNADO web site.
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It is very easy to tell if it is possible for a tornado.
The sky will look dark. It will be very humid or very dry. The wind will either be very strong or silent for a long time. Warm and humid.

The temperature is 55 degrees or above. The dew point is 50 degrees or above. Wind shear. Helicity.

A watch means that the conditions outside are either very good or perfect for a tornado (or tornadoes). A watch also means you need to be on alert for a warning (Turn on a TV and keep an eye out for any changing conditions).

A warning means a tornado has been sighted or seen on a  radar. You need to go to the basement and cover yourself with a large blanket (Do not attempt to cover yourself with a mattress, they take to long to carry, this mistake is usually always fatal). If you don't have a basement go to the center of your home in a room with no windows. If you live in a trailer, go outside and lay in a ditch! COVER YOUR HEAD WITH YOUR HANDS! Or you can lean on a side of a strong structure, the side with the less wind.

Do Not Panic!!!!!!!!
Sometimes, when people are scared or frightened they freeze, or even the opposite, they lose their minds for that moment. This is called panicking. It is important to focus on the what has to be done in order to survive, getting yourself and your family to safety!


1. Flashlight
2. Extra batteries for flashlight
3. Lots of extra cash
4. Major credit card
5. Extra clothes (3 days worth)
6. Canned food (3 days worth)
7. Portable Radio (AM at least)
8. Extra batteries for portable radio
9. Cell phone (100 mile range)


Don't drive away from tornados. Don't fool with windows, pressure will not explode the building, that is a very fatal myth. Don't fool around with  mattresses. Those are very fatal mistakes to make.

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